NERD ALERT | I love my food scale:.

NERD ALERT | I love my food scale:.

There were a few items that I was keeping in the back of my mind to add to my wedding registry.  A food scale was at the top of that list.   Last week I went to Costco and tried to keep from going down the household aisles…well, I failed.  BUT I FOUND THIS GEM FOR UNDER $20!!!

The Kamenstein Digital Kitchen Scale has quickly become a staple in my daily food tracking.  The zero/tare function allows me to place my plate on the scale, zero it out, and weight exactly how much cooked chicken/fish/tofu/etc. I am about to consume.  I then do the same for fruit and vegetables.  Um, yes please!  It also comes with the battery.  Double yes!

  • 11 lbs. (5 kg) max capacity & overload indicator
  • Low power indicator
  • Auto shutoff feature after 2 minutes
  • Zero and tare functions
  • Battery operated: 9 volt battery included

Unfortunately, it looks like the Costco deal is only for a limited time…like only for the next 6 days.  The deal is a $5 instant manufacturer rebate off of the Costo price of $19.99.  That is cheaper than the Amazon price of $25.99.  Cheaper is always better in my book [I may or may not be a closet couponer].

More accurate tracking FOR THE WIN!

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