I think I have plateaued | frustrated:.

Le sigh.  I am relating to the plateau posts all too well these days. And it is downright frustrating.

I stumbled upon a cute little blog that is right up my alley–weight loss, fitness, twenties, and wedding planning–and the first post I read by author Ms. Managed was titled “Plateau Hell.”  Man, am I definitely in plateau hell.  I don’t know if it is the workouts, the busy schedule, the eating, but I can’t just seem to get the scale to move.

At my peak [I know, I know…boohoo, highschool], I was the same height [5’2″] and 116 lbs.  I was eating anything and everything I wanted [I never even thought about tracking when I was 17] and playing two team sports throughout the year.  I wasn’t running, working full-time, or drinking…but still.  Now, at 25 and a half ripe years of age, I am the most comfortable with my body that I have been since those high school days…however, nothing on my body is changing.  And it is infuriating.  I am 125 lbs and strong.  I know I don’t have a weight issue, and to a stranger’s eye there is probably nothing “wrong” with me.  But to myself, I am working out longer, pushing myself farther, cutting back on things, and I am just not seeing the results that I want.  Or expect.

THE ISSUE:  My midriff.  From hip to armpit.  The spare tire.  The muffin top.  The love handles.  That extra layer of chub on top of those abs that I know are there and can feel are strong.  That fleshy armpit area that bunches up when you wear a strapless dress…did I mention my wedding dress is strapless?  Oh, and my gym got rid of my favorite group exercise class that I was taking twice a week.  And I have even tried to shock my routine by switching on and off of intervals, HIIT, and circuits.

WORKOUTS:  I know how to work out and I refuse to believe that I need to hire a trainer.  And I refuse to believe that I am not working out enough.  I am tracking my food and fitness, my heartrate [for calorie burn], and timing my runs.  I am playing volleyball once a week, then two cardio days, and two abs.weight training.crossfit.fat burner days.  Last I checked, that is exercising 5 days a week…and the other days off are split between rest, errands, or waiting tables on my feet.  My legs are massive [in a good way]…strong, toned, and don’t need anymore focused workouts.  I could be weight training my upper body more, I knot that.  But cardio…I think I am averaging like 4-5 hours a week of cardio…I feel like is enough to be shedding that fat that everyone thinks will just drop off.

FOOD:  Now, this is where I struggle, but rightfully so.  I am a very active person with a high metabolism…and I am usually awake from 3:30am-9pm [16-18 hours] due to work and daily life.  Judging by my hunger, that is usually 4 meals…200-300 calorie breakfast, lunch is my BIG meal, a 100-250 calorie afternoon snack, and dinner.  I tap myself out at 2000 calories and generally am disappointed if I got over that.  I could step up my water intake…thats for sure.

MY MANTRA:  Compromise.  I am just not one of those people who can cut out all indulgences…and I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to in order to live a happy, healthy life.  Do we really think the waif supermodel doesn’t want a cheeseburger or brownie from time to time?  Alot of people take the lazy advice route–well K, just stop baking.  No.  If baking makes me happy and satifsifes my cravings in a few bites [and then I can pawn it off on my coworkers], then I really don’t think I am doing too poorly.  If I work out hard enough that day, I can have a treat.  If I have had a super successful tracking week, I can have a few drinks on Saturday or Sunday.  Everything in moderation…choose your compromises.

So, what the hell?
I mean seriously, how do I look like this?

beach yoga

I just cant get the scale to move.  If anything, any fat I have lost, has just been gained back in muscle.  But if I know that “layer of chub” is there, why can’t I get it to just. go. away?!

4 thoughts on “I think I have plateaued | frustrated:.

  1. Lauren says:

    Just keep going! Keep converting that fat to muscle. Try some fasted cardio on your off days when you’re not waking up at the crack of dawn; it will help you target more fat burn… and the rest is all about what you put into your mouth. Dairy is really an ab killer. For me, plyometrics and lots of jumping tightens up my mid-section literally the day after a workout. It’s awesome.

    • sweat.to.eat says:

      I was just having a conversation about how jumping is the absolute best thing you can do for your body. I want to set up a box jump in my backyard. Thanks, girl! And I always laugh when I see your fasted cardio posts, because I want to do that ALL THE TIME…but if I was going to, I would have to be going to the gym at 3am and going to bed at like 5pm. Silly life!

  2. mevscake says:

    Arwww I can really feel your exasperation reading that post. In fact, just reading about all you are doing is exhausting! Really does sound like you are doing all the right things, but sometimes the body is strange – I can lose weight by actually taking a few extra days off from the gym and relaxing my diet a little more. Strange but true! Maybe give yourself a little break and then see what happens. Worst comes to worst, you get back to it with even more energy and gusto than you already have! Good luck, and I know fairly soon I’ll be reading about how you smashed that plateau 🙂

    • sweat.to.eat says:

      So sweet! Thank you! I had a busy weekend and last few days of April, so I stopped stressing and just let it roll…then, May 1st was shaving time off of my runs, moving slate in my backyard, and a bunch of burpees. Here we go 🙂

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