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best hairties ever | molly mabel popbands:.

Stumbled upon this the other day! Preach it girl, preach!


I was given some Molly Mabel Popbands for Christmas and told, “these are awesome…they never shift or fall out of your hair, they never stretch out, they never come unknotted, etc.” I took it all with a grain of salt…hey, thanks for the hair ties. Well, almost 6 months later, they live in my gym bag and are the only thing I will pull my long hair back with to go running. They.Are.AWESOME. I have a pack of the J.Crew version waiting for me at home to try out too!

[UPDATE: (May 2014) These “twistband” hairties have since popped up everywhere! I have tried Old Navy’s (not available online), Ann Taylor LOFT’s, Kitsch’s (claims to be the original), J.Crew’s, and all kinds of generics.  J.Crew gets my top vote.  They don’t stretch out as fast, come in bright colors, and they hold nice and tight!]


feelfit Boutique

One of my Molly Mabel Popband photographs is now on the Zest website, which specializes in health and wellbeing. Zest is a fantastic website which specializes in a variety of health topics, as well as fitness, healthy eating, sports, beauty, celebrity workouts and challenges.

They have some great tips for anyone into fitness, including Pilates, yoga, tips to help improve your running technique, and many more interesting articles and videos to read and watch.

I really liked their recent article on ‘Could you run the Marathon?‘. After I watched last Sundays London Marathon I decided that within the next two years I want to run in it. My nerves always get the best of me before any competition so it was interesting to read about how to control your nerves whilst running a marathon.

The ‘9 steps to help keep your nerves under control’

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