Sorry for my absense…

Sorry for my absense…

Good morning, guys!

So it has been a few weeks since I have checked in or blogged anything.  That is because I was off getting married!  I was super busy planning every little detail of our DIY affair and then I was trying to keep up with workouts and healthy eats…then the wedding got really close and I was just too damn busy.  Oh well, I think we looked pretty good 😉 Check out the photos by our AMAZING photographer (Jenna Ebert) here.

But there is definitely stuffs to come!!!  Here are my happenings this week:
– I got a new pair of Nike Lunarlon running shoes…I blew out (and didn’t even up loving) my Nike Frees in a short 5 months.
– I tried Tabata…and I loved it.
– I was given a Le Cruset Skillet Grill as a wedding present and I am going to cook tons of healthy goodies on it!
– I am going back to “Prep Day Sundays”
– And I am dabbling in some light and fit summer recipes using day-to-day items in the pantry!

Talk soon.  Be well.



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