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#wcw | Woman Crush Wednesday

Ok, I know it is actually Thursday…but I am typically not a #womancrushwednesday poster, and I want everyone to love some of these women as much as I do.

There are so many amazing women in food, fitness, and healthy living these days…and I am obsessed!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am definitely motivated by others. If I am feeling lazy or tired, my Instagram feed really perks me up. [Side note: Don’t surround yourself with things or people that bring you down or bring out your less appealing qualities.] I make sure that my feed is full of strong, powerful, inspirational, and funny people. Most of those people just happen to be women. Whether they are posting about food, fitness, DIY projects, home design, fashion, or simply fun indulgences…I make sure that I am browsing through photos that make me want to get up and do something! Maybe I am going to go work out, cook, bake, work on a home project, or go get on a roller coaster…doesn’t matter. Just something that makes my day-to-day a little bit better and something to be proud of. So pick people who are you can relate to, but also help you to strive to be a bigger and better person. Remember, you can literally do ANYTHING (&& everything).

Here are my current top 3:

  • Amy PerrinAdvocare | @amy_nicole03
    Oh, Amy.  Where do I start? She gets me through my days when I need it. Not only has she recently rescued a German Shepherd that she named Khaleesi…but she is also beautiful and funny. And FIT. AS. HELL. What I like most about her is that she is real and insanely down to earth. She is my age and has posted her progress, weight on the scale, and details about how she used to be afraid of “bulking.” That is me in a nutshell. The number on the scale matters way too much to me [and it continues to go up, because muscle weighs more than fat…and is leaner]…I didn’t lift for the longest time, because I only wanted to be toned…and I still can’t successfully do pullups. So, I like to politely stalk Amy on a daily basis. Hope she is cool with that

  • Juli BauerPaleOMG | @paleomg
    Juli, Juli, Juli…another amazing woman. First, I cannot WAIT until I get my press copy of The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook in the next few days. Second, her recipes ROCK. So does her attitude. Juli has this way with words that just make you want to be best friends with her. She curses and messes up, just like you and me. But back to her food, she posts the easiest and yummiest Paleo, not strict Paleo, gluten free, 21DSD, and just generally deliciously recipes.  My favorites end up being the 5 Ingredient recipes.
  • Shauna Harrison – #SweatADay & Under Armour | @shauna_harrison
    Shuna is pretty much just a badass.  She is Under Armour sponsored and posts all kinds of awesome workout videos and pictures [my fave is the Pike Pushup below]. She also has a PhD…AND has created multiple workouts [@MUSCLEandFlow for a remixed yoga & @hiphopcycle]. Need I say more?

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