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Protein Power Round #2 | Headache Heartache

This post is heartbreaking and exhilarating for me to write…

Heartbreaking, because I am stopping my delicious S’mores flavored whey shakes that I have come to love so much.  Since I have been strength training (for about 3 months now), I have started working protein shakes into my post workout routine…but I have also been getting pressure headaches. [I mean, seriously?! It was just 3 weeks ago that I posted this easy gem.] Alot is to blame for the headaches though…or so I think. In my adulthood, I have developed some serious seasonal allergies (I say seasonal, but I do have to take Zyrtek 365 days out of the year..what’s up, Costco?), so I am prone to sinus headaches anyway. And most powdered proteins, particularly whey, have the same effects as dairy on your sinus system. And for someone who had to be tested for lactose intolerance and never just drinks a big glass of dairy milk, this protein must just shock my system. Or so I am guessing. Even when switching to vegan pea protein and egg white proteins, the headaches were duller, but still present. So effing frustrating…and devastating, because I was actually enjoying the intake. My only other guess, which is a complete possibility, are additives in the powders…of whatever happens to the proteins in the powdering, dissolvable process.

Now that I have been a complete Debbie Downer, it’s optimism time! Why is this so exhilarating? Because all of these sinus pressure and protein issues have forced me to reevaluate my diet…in a great way! I have gone into protein overload, but with real food. We are talking nuts, beans, veggies, eggs, and MEAT. And luckily, most of the this stuff fits into all of the partial diets I try to stick with–low FODMAP, gluten free, and Paleo (but all in moderation, I am not fully any of them). Here are just a few things I have been snacking on lately:

  • PaleOMG’s roll-ups
  • HUMMUS in my belly! Hell yeah! Usually with cucumbers and bell peppers.
  • BEEF JERKY!!!!
  • Cottage cheese with ground black pepper (or fruit, if you need the sweetness)
  • Wegman’s Marathon Bread with Better’n Peanut Butter (the banana flavor is my favorite)
  • Egg salad (with or without the avocado)…by itself or on crackers, marathon bread, or as dip for veggies
  • I am going to try ^ this in PaleOMG’s deviled egg variations too
  • Almonds or cashews (roasted, unsalted)
  • Sugar snap peas & green beans with garlic and a splash of extra virgin olive oil
  • Black beans
  • Oats. In all variations. Oatmeal, steel cut, oatmeal breakfast cookies, rolled, old fashioned, with cinnamon. ALL OATS!
organic mushroom sage chicken sausage with green beans and superfood puple potatoes.
organic mushroom sage chicken sausage with green beans and superfood puple potatoes.
marathon bread with better'n pb && veggies with cliantro jalapeno hummus.
marathon bread with better’n pb && veggies with cliantro jalapeno hummus.

[When my allergies subside a bit, I shall try my S’mores shakes again. I am also going to try them in food form, like protein pancakes. But until then…]


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