Gym Selfies Like Whoa!

Now, before you look at me like, “Giiiirl, you are at the gym to work out and not to take nasty pictures of yourself,” hear me out.

Yes, I am a gym selfie taker.
Yes, I totally try and act inconspicuous when people walk into the group exercise room or locker room while I am mid-angle adjustment…or trying (and failing) to flex my back.
But, pictures are motivating! And the only way you can see your progress! And most of all, I like to make fun of myself for them. But I also like to make a workout fun.
My reward at the end of an intense, mymusclesarecrying session is to document what my Polar tells me I burned…or how much sweat is pouring off my face…or (my fave) when I am the only girl on the free weight “guys side” of the gym.
And I also just like to see how much color I can incorporate into my outfit. My new philosophy: “Taste the rainbow? Nah, BE the rainbow.”
So, enjoy.

I plan on posting an update on my weekly workout schedule here soon. Standby!

gym selfies

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