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Tone It Up | #FriskyFall

Yes!! My very first Tone It Up challenge is finally here!! I. Am. PUMPED.
Starting on Monday (9/8) my #TIUFrederick sisters and I are going to be setting goals, running #100byHalloween [#150byHalloween for our over achievers 😉], sticking to our nutrition plans, and tracking our weight and measurements…for the entire 8 weeks leading up to All Hallows Eve! Bring it on, #FriskyFall! And those sexy little costumes…be ready. We’re comin’ for ya!

This challenge couldn’t come at a better time for me. My husband and I just got back from what should have been a long weekend in paradise, but turned out to be 4 days in Dominican hell. So after a couple of days of what seemed to be food poisoning, I really fell off of the fitness and healthy-eats wagon. I ate gluten regularly [whoops], which makes me feel bloatey and sluggish. I haven’t been to the gym in 9 days. And I am SO ready to re-kickstart my routine into full force. That being said, the break was good for my body…and we all need a break from time to time. But close to the end of the illness, I weighted in 4.5lbs less than usual…completely unintentionally. No bueno. But my body is bouncing back to normal now and I am ready to make these next 8 weeks my bitch. Literally.
Food…I am going to eat clean, lean, and green.
Fitness…I am gonna rock it out.
Mileage…here we go #150byHalloween.
And body…you are gonna glow, girl!

TOO CUTE: My #TIUFrederick girls and I have made some charts and checklists for our goals and mileage. We are happy to share, so just ask 🙂

GETTING READY: The cardio challenge is already here. And the printable full body workout can be found here.

Frisky Fall Cardio

SETTING GOALS: Here are mine!

friskyfall goals

Apparently Tone It Up has done this challenge before…here is last year’s weekly schedule so you can see what we are all in for ;).
Be sure to follow me on Instagram, here on the blog, and my new blog Twitter account for updates (@ToneItUp retweeted me last week!!!!!), progress, and motivation. If you are in the Maryland or Frederick area, please join our local #TIUmeetup Facebook group or join our email chain at fatkidtweets@gmail.com too! Some of the local #TIUsisters and I are going to be having our own #TIUmeetups around town to walk, run, plyo, yoga, and just generally get to know each other better. The comradery and teamwork is amazing, really. I have never been a part of anything like it.  T-minus 3 days. Join us, it is going to be great!

🙌 #TIUteam

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