REBLOG: Will Sweat For Wine – “What I Eat in a Day”

I have been MIA for a while on the blog, but the holidays, a move, and life gets in the way sometimes. But there is nothing better than a good reblog to get back back on the proverbial horse…

My friend [and fellow Tone It Up girl] Victoria just posted a great outline of what she eats in a day. Influenced by the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, she makes smart decisions based on how her body feels, not OVER indulging, but allowing herself some wiggle room with the 80/20 rule. Read her whole post here! Her plan is really similar to what I try to accomplish in a given week (although I allow myself a few more rewards), so I figured I would share.

victoria food

Everyone is always asking my about caloric intakes, my workouts, meal prepping, and what I eat in a day…and I am not going to lie to you guys, I would be a monster if I restricted my diet. When I am hungry, I am tired, unproductive, my stomach hurts, and I start to lose concentration…so bottom line, I eat. ALOT. I do try to err on the side of caution with gluten and breads, but I definitely don’t eliminate carbs. I also allow fats, but try to stick to the good ones (oils, nuts, avocados, etc.). Short of cheese and yogurt occasionally, I am pretty much dairy free. I don’t monitor my sugar as closely as I should  (hey, none of us are prefect). And I love greens and lean proteins. If you are trying to lean out out your body and build muscle tone, but you tell yourself that you don’t like spinach or prefer red meat…you are going to run into problems. Sorry, not sorry.

I found a calorie and nutrition balance on what makes me feel full, but not stuffed, and nourished, not hungry. I also allow myself more calories if I burn more calories. The work is worth the reward in my opinion. I can’t stress it enough, restricting your calories is not good for you in the long run. You may see the immediate results for an event or to fit into that dress, but you will bloat and gain all of the water weight back if you fall back into old habits. So try to find the balance that works for you. There is some great info here on how to figure it all out for your body, activity level, and metabolism.

Back to Victoria’s wonderful words of wisdom, I leave you with this: “Oh..and I love wine! …[and] I can’t live without dessert.” Cheers, ladies! Life is short…and you can’t take the body with you when you go.

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