Charm City Fit: REV Cycle Studio, McHenry Row

Where the heck is 2015 going?! It has been one busy spring…and I don’t think summer is going to slow down at all.

My husband and I moved to Baltimore, MD back in the winter and I finally feel like I have gotten back to my normal food + fitness routine (h/t to Tone It Up’s Bikini Series). Moving really puts a kink in things, doesn’t it? Thankfully we joined a gym, I have bounced around to different fitness studios, we live on a runner’s route (literally), and I have been focused on my “Tone It Up – Baltimore, MD” Facebook group. And luckily for me, the BMOREtoned ladies have been a great resource to find and learn about alot of the fitness Charm City has to offer–they have also answered so many of my questions, set up meet ups, and served as great motivation for the rest of the #TIUBaltimore girls during this Bikini Series.

REV Cycle Studio - McHenry Row, Baltimore, MD

REV Cycle Studio – McHenry Row, Baltimore, MD

Yesterday I joined ClassPass for their 2 week free trial and took my first spin class at REV Cycle Studio in McHenry Row. I took Candice’s Wednesday 5PM class and it was exactly what I needed to get over the mid week hump. Even though I didn’t know her prior to the class, Candice was a friendly face the minute I walked into the studio. She also took the time to learn my name (and call it out as motivation during the class). Then she would unclip from her bike and walk around during climbs and sprints to really push us each harder–“What do you have to lose tonight? What are you intentions? What if this was your one shot?” she yelled as Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” pumped through the speakers. She deemed the night a Jock Jams theme by accident and the playlist was AWESOME. Although I have taken many a spin class, I had never been on the Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes before and today I can definitely feel the difference in my legs. Teensie tiny muscles that I am not used to working can really feel it this morning. Oh, and another REV perk? Jami and Annie of BMOREtoned both teach there too! I will definitely be going back.

Hi, I’m back! And I am ready to conquer Baltimore. Let’s eat (& run) through this town!

Updates to come!
BMOREtoned meet ups
– Tone It Up #BIKINISERIES check ins
– An update on my running…I have gotten better at it!
– Recipes and weekly nutrition
– Baltimore Beach and more Baltimore fitness adventures

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