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Is anyone else sick of retreating indoors this summer? I am so sick of feeling like I am wasting my summer sunshine inside the cold, heartless walls of the gym. Which is why I have been on a mission to eliminate my gym membership altogether and do all of my workouts at home, outside, and in group fitness drop-in classes (duh!). Frankly, my gym membership is stupid expensive for not being Equinox on a SoCal beach. But between Tone It Up, YouTube, DailyBurn, etc., my resources are endless. And today I took it outside!

The park right down the street from our house has a gorgeous turf football field (thank you, Under Armour) that was begging for me to sprint it. And sprint it I did…kinda. Sure, I have some endurance to build up, but today’s circuit was a step in the right direction. With a mix of bodyweight training, stair circuits, and tabata-style moves mixed with sprints, I was sweating up a storm. There is no equipment needed, but be sure to pack lots of water…you’re going to need it!

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Warm up – jog the perimeter of the football field (or track if there is one), 30 knee to elbows (15 full), 5 sun salutations, 30 reach for the sky arm/waist stretches, 30 across the body arm reaches.

Circuit #1 (1x through)
Side Shuffles – 100 yards in one direction, then 100 yards in the opposite direction
Grapevines – 50 yards in one direction, then 50 yards in the opposite direction
High knees for 50 yards and then butt kicks for 50 yards back to start
Backpedal for 50 yards and then sprint the 50 yards back to start
Toe taps on a line for :30 seconds (a la Shauna Harrison)

Circuit #2 (5 reps each move, 3x through)
Pike pushup: hands on the ground, feet on the bench, booty in the air, then do 5 pushups
Elevated pushup: keeping your feet on the bench, walk your hands out to a regular pushup. Do 5.
Staggered squat: with your feet slightly farther than shoulder distance apart, walk one foot farther out than the other (your heel should be in line with the other foot’s toes), squat down and hold for 4 seconds. That is one rep. Repeat for 5 then switch legs.
Squat jumpswith your hands behind or above your head squat down and jump into the air, landing with soft knees and repeating in one swift motion. Repeat for 5.

Circuit #3 (1x through)
[Pick yardage that you are comfortable with somewhere between 20-50 yards and sprint to and from. At the end of each sprint do one of the following moves until all are complete. (i.e. Sprint 20 yards, do 10 pushups, sprint back 20 yards, do 10 jumping jacks, sprint 20 yards, do 10 burpees, etc.)]
1. 10 squat jumps
2. 10 sit ups
3. 10 burpees
4. 10 mountain climbers
5. 10 jumping jacks
6. 10 butt kickers
7. 10 starbursts (like a jump squat, but explode in the air with arms and legs out like a star)
8. 20 pushups

Circuit #4 (2x through)
[You will need a field with stadium seating or just an exterior set of stairs for this one. Do each move back to back and then rest before starting the second set.]  
10 box jumps (I used the first row of bench in the stadium seating)
Stair squat hops: using both feet/legs at the same time, hop quickly up all of the stairs one at a time like a small squat jump. Jog back down.
Double stair run: sprint up the stairs skipping every other step. Jog back down.
Single stair run: sprint up the stairs hitting every step. Jog back down.

Cool down – 15 min/1 mile walk (I took the dog!)

[NOTE: For a girl of my age, size, and fitness level, this entire workout took 50-6o minutes and burned about 600 calories–according to my Polar Loop with HRM.] 


You can do this workout 2-3x per week if you mix up the moves. Do at least 4 of the circuits each time. Here are some additional circuits to mix in. Burn baby burn.

Circuit #1 Add-ons or mix-ins
– Crabwalk for 25 yards in each direction (each side, forward, backward)
– Walking lunges for 25 yards

Circuit #2 B (Do this in lieu of of Circuit #2 above–10 reps each move with these, 3x through)
– Tricep dips: on bench with legs out, slowly dip booty and lift body back up with tris.
– Step up high knees w/ reach to the sky: step up on bench with one leg like a lunge, reach arm to sky while lifting opposite knee high too. 10 with each leg.
– Forward lunge with twist: with elbows up and fingers to the sky, forward lunge out…while down in lunge, twist your body/spine to the open side of your body. 10 with each leg.
– Plie quats: with feet slightly wider than hip distance apart and toes pointing out at a 45 degree angle, squat down, hold for 2 count, and come back up. Do 10.

Circuit #5 (1-2x trough)
– 60 sec plank
– 60 sec reverse plank
– 10 booty bridge raises
– 10 cross legged booty bridges (each leg)
– 20 full bicycle crunches
– 20 crunches
– 10 side planks with dips (each side)
– 5 side plank with reach hug (each side)
– 60 seconds criss-cross legs
– 10 reverse crunches
– 10 starfish crunches
– 20 V-sits
– 20 full rock the boats
– 15 sec each—leg ab/hamstring stretches, down dog, up dog, child’s pose

BONUS MOVE: Suicides on the yardage lines either to the 50…or if you are ballsy, to the 100*


Inspirations to get me started: Men’s Health & Art Of Manliness.
Seriously, why aren’t chicks posting about this stuff??

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