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I am officially an INSTRUCTOR!

I have spent the better part of 2015 (ok ok, into 2016 too) MIA from this sweet little blog…but for good reason! I have been going through months of training to become a certified Indoor Cycle and TRX instructor! Almost every free minute that I would have usually dedicated to cooking and working out was spent on an indoor bike or trying a new studio.

I have had the itch to teach group fitness for years now, but last summer I finally decided to make moves in the right direction. My husband and I had been living in the city for over 6 months–we were settled in our home, our routines, and getting back to our normal fit lives. Baltimore has SO much to offer in the fitness community, so I bounced all over and tried a bunch of different classes. I made friends with instructors and clients at a couple of different studios, many who remain great mentors til this day. The more studios that I visited, the more I loved the tight-knit “tribe” vibe. And I knew that it was a specialized boutique studio that I wanted to end up at…so I started auditioning. Every process was different and I learned so much with every new challenging day. (And I made so many amazing new friends too!) Ultimately, I landed at BeachFit Baltimore and REV Cycle Studio.

In December I took the TRX Training Group Fitness Qualification class. I also got certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED. Then in February – after months of class building, workshopping, traveling to other studios to see what they were all about (I see you SoulCycle, Zengo, and FlyWheel), subbing whenever given the chance, and a couple of weather delays – I finally took the Schwinn Cycling Instructor Certification MPOWER with Wattage. I continue to workshop regularly with the #REVfam to better myself as an instructor and to dig deep to really bring out my own BEAST personality.

good things come

You can find me rocking the beats on the bike or in the suspension trainer several times a week at BeachFit Baltimore! Check out the schedule and sign up for classes here!

BeachFit Headshot CROP

And if you have any questions about group fitness training, how to get certified, or where to even start…just holler!


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