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What I am listening to right now | Workout Playlist!

Since becoming a group fitness instructor, I have found myself immersed in Spotify and playlist building. This isn’t really anything new for me, but my profile used to look alot different. It was a mix of my favorite bands, different moods, and albums that I was listening to regularly…but now it is nothing but “Class Beats”, “Pre/Post Class”, and specific cycle class playlists. Not that I am complaining!

Music totally drives my mood and energy levels. If I am bummed out, I go full emo. If I am happy and hyper, you will find me screaming and dancing to Ke$ha in the car. And the same goes for my workouts. My playlists totally drive my cycle classes – 100%. I teach to the beat for a fun, fast-paced ride. Don’t let that fool you though…those slow, heavy beats will catch up with you on a seated “Everest” climb. Although my TRX classes aren’t taught to the beat, the music is still there. Funky drum beats, pop rock/alternative hits, Top 40, and TONS of remixes are what you’ll hear when you come to come of my classes. They are what will push you through those cardio bursts and tricep burnouts. Below is my master playlist that I am constantly adding to and building my classes off of. You can use it for you own at-home or gym workouts…I definitely do. ENJOY and keep rockin’ out.

[Seriously, if you aren’t on the Spotify bandwagon yet…you are TOTALLY missing out. Like Netflix, it is SO worth the $10 a month. In my opinion ;)]


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