Women Who Sweat – Getting Clean With FRÉ Skincare

There is no easy way to put it….my skin is like a baby. Not like a baby’s skin, but like an actual baby – super soft and easily upset. It keeps me looking several years younger than I am (yay), but it dries out faster than your best gel manicure (boo).
I turned 30 in December, and embarrassingly enough, my skincare routine hadn’t really changed since I was in high school. I rotated through any generic face wash that was formulated for sensitive skin, then followed it up with Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. Despite not having acne, my fickle skin seemed to take well to that moisturizing lotion, so I held onto it as long as possible. Anything heavier caused immediate breakouts and made me sweat even more than usual. And SPF? I couldn’t be bothered with it. Until I found FRÉ.

Being a fitness enthusiast, I came across FRÉ Skincare on several different active Instagram accounts that I follow. It caught my attention for not only being designed specifically for women, but for those with active lifestyles who (gasp!) SWEAT.
Um, that’s me!
After doing my own research, I ordered my first 123FRÉ set. And within 2 weeks I was already seeing my face balance itself out. I was less blotchy, my breakouts were fewer and far between, and my dry patches had dissipated.

FRÉ is as simple as skincare gets. They only carry 3 products, which is all that your glistening active skin needs. When you order the 123FRÉ system, you get all 3 and save $35 just by purchasing them together. How long is that all going to last you? 3 months or more!

  • Protect Me – Step 1 is a hypoallergenic moisturizer with SPF30. It shields your skin from the harmful effects of sweat, pollution, and the sun’s damaging rays. It’s also fast absorbing and water resistant. Plus it’s super lightweight, so it won’t clog pores or sting your eyes!
  • Purify Me – Step 2 is a gentle exfoliating facial cleanser. Jojoba beads help hydrate and balance your skin’s pH, while removing dead cells, oil, and impurities…even after a hard workout!
  • Revive Me – Step 3 is a daily serum that creates a glowing complexion – keeping your skin hydrated and nourished with minerals and vitamins. It also regenerates collagen and stem cells to help prevent premature aging, dryness, and skin fatigue!

I am a lazy girl. I can’t sugarcoat it. I don’t wear makeup during the week. I get super sweaty 5 or more times a week. And dry shampoo is back-stocked in my house. If someone had tried to lure me with a multi-step skincare system, I would have rolled my eyes. “I don’t have time.”
But FRÉ is perfect for me. I use Protect Me in the mornings before going to work. Then my face gets a good deep clean with Purify Me in the the shower after my afternoon workout. I wrap it all up with Revive Me after I’m clean and it instantly calms my red EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) skin.

The secret power, you ask? FRÉ’s Argania Active Complex© – an innovative blend of organic argan oil and water leaf extract. It is vegan and cruelty free. And FRÉ is an environmentally and socially conscious brand – so for every skincare set purchased, they plant an Argan Tree of Life! In their words, “We are passionate about spreading our values of women empowerment, active positive beauty and nature protection.”
Additionally, FRÉ comes beautifully packaged. Not only do you get a sturdy canvas bag (perfect for tossing in your beach or gym bag!), but also a clear zip-lock bag for when you’re jet-setting (these were amazing for my recent trip to Hawaii).
Presentation is key, kids!

FRÉ Skincare is available on their website for subscription or one-time orders. DOUBLE BONUS: free shipping on orders over $50! You can also purchase the 123FRÉ set or individual bottles through Amazon Prime.

August 2018 UPDATE!
I am now a FRÉ Skincare Ambassador – and I am SO stoked about it! I can’t wait to share my reviews and FRÉ news with you during this journey (like the new DETOX ME mask!!), so be sure to stick with me on Instagram!

Do you want to try FRÉ Skincare AND get 15% off?? Use my ambassador code KAYLEIDOSCOPE at checkout!


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