Stairway to FIT – Training With Ladder

I was recently given the opportunity to try a new health focused personal training app. Since I work full-time in morning radio and then teach group exercise classes part-time in the evenings, I need something to make my own workouts easier to plan out. This way my time is well spent and I only have to focus on showing up and getting sweaty! I am already very familiar with using my phone as a workout resource, but this new app opened up a whole new world for me — human interaction!

Ladder is a mobile fitness platform that pairs people with personalized training at an affordable price. Once you create your profile, you answer a few questions and Ladder immediately pairs you with a real-life trainer (a.k.a. “coach”) right in the app. Together you’ll set some goals and get to know one another in a private, in-app chat. Then the fun happens — your coach gets to work on your personalized training plan. More importantly, a plan that works specifically with your schedule!
The workouts are laid out clearly, with photos and videos to show you how to do the moves. Then you can adjust the reps or weights as needed, clicking the arrows and “complete set” buttons to move through the workout. Simple and functional!


Ladder does a great job matching you with a coach that meets your style, no matter what your needs are. Maybe you need a cheerleader, an educator, or a motivator — there is a coach for every fitness style. He or she will also work with you on your other health and wellness goals (what’s up, meal planning?!), all directly in the app. Take Ladder with you to the gym, use it at home, in a hotel while traveling, or anywhere. After all, a girl on-the-go needs workouts that can keep up — wherever that may be! So whether you’re just getting started with personal training or looking to step up your fitness game, Ladder can help get you there.
My coach is Kathi — a southern mom with over 20 years in the industry. I quickly noticed her bubbly personality and willingness to help. She is polite and motivating, plus she walked me through her effective and efficient meal prepping tips during our very first chat! She keeps me accountable with Pinterest-worthy pictures and motivational phrases every day. And I can always count on her to answer any question that I throw at her. Like anything else in life, consistency is key when it comes to working out, and the same should go for your trainer. I can always count on Kathi.

But let’s be real, the #1 reason that I’ve never invested in a personal trainer before is the cost. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am cheap. But Ladder takes that punch-to-the-gut per session price out of it. So you can get a custom fitness plan, plus the personal accountability from a certified health and wellness coach, for less than your daily/weekly/monthly coffee habit.
A monthly subscription will cost you $39.99. But like any good gym or boutique studio, the longer you commit, the cheaper it gets! A 3-month prepaid subscription is $59.99 and a 12-month prepaid subscription is just $99.99. That means you can use Ladder for as low as $8 per month!

Ladder’s mission is simple — “to bring health and wellness coaching to anyone, anywhere.” Because everyone should be able to experience the benefits of fitness on their own terms (and at a price they can afford).

I honestly haven’t found many cons in my journey with Ladder. Although I did have to change the settings for the app to not always be running in the background, because that was a pretty big battery suck on day one. The only other thing I’d hope for down the line in app updates would be the ability to add non-app workouts more easily. Ladder paired with my iPhone’s Apple Health data, but wouldn’t pull my exercise minutes or logged workouts from my Apple Watch. If there is a function to add them manually after the fact, I couldn’t easily figure it out.
That being said, the pros heavily outweigh any kinks! Personalized one-on-ones with a real-life trainer, plus the ability to chat and exchange photos. The ability to see all of your workouts for the week, plus rearrange them if your days get out of whack. Maybe you need to move your rest day to Wednesday or make up Monday’s workout on Tuesday — that’s totally possible and acceptable. Ladder has your back!

To try Ladder, click here!
Affordable, convenient, and rewarding.
Use my code “KAYFIT” to get your first week of Ladder FREE, plus receive 10% off whatever Ladder subscription best fits your needs after that.


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