Meet Kayleigh

#sweattoeat is dedicated to the delicate balance we try to keep between food & fitness. I have found that the healthy equation requires good eats, healthy habits, a strong mind, and an open heart. But most importantly, never taking yourself too seriously.

I am a 30-something Marylander with a love for cooking (& eating), fitness, DIYing, concert going, playlist building, and amateur photography. My husband and I moved from rural Maryland to Baltimore City and now our lives consist of media-based day jobs, exploring the Charm City food and fitness worlds, and playing with our white German Shepherd.

I am a certified group fitness instructor — find out how to pop into one of my classes here.

#sweattoeat was born when my friends and family were sick of Instagram posts of smoothies, refurbed furniture, savory dinners, gym selfies, and homemade sweets without any access to the nitty gritty details. Thanks for stopping by!

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