Who, me?

sweat.to.eat | fat.kid.tweets is a blog dedicated to the twenty-something abyss of life–how it can be a constant battle between day-to-day indulgences and the realization of adulthood creeping in. Ok, maybe that adulthood is already here…but managing it requires good eats, great hobbies, exercise, a healthy mind, an open heart, creativity, and a ton of fun.

I am a 30-year-old Marylander who has a love for cooking, eating, fitness, DIYing, concert going, playlist building, sweating, and photography (just to name a few). My husband and I moved from rural Maryland to Baltimore City and now our lives consist of media-based day jobs, exploring the Charm City fitness world, and playing with our white German Shepherd. I am a certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor and TRX Group Training instructor. My “calling card” is jammin’ out and karaoke-ing in my car to my current class playlists or while on the way to a concert…no shame here!

sweat.to.eat | fat.kid.tweets was born when my friends and family were sick of Instagram posts of smoothies, refurbed furniture, savory dinners, gym selfies, and homemade sweets without any access to the recipes and instructions–so, here I am. I know this blog lacks a focus, so we’ll go ahead and call me a “creative specialist.” 😉

me 1 BeachFit Headshot FULL rev famkg

Email me: fatkidtweets@gmail.com
Follow sweat.to.eat on Instagram: @kayleightonesup
Follow me personally on Twitter: @kayleidoscope
Follow me personally on Instagram: @kayleidoscope_


[NOTE: After starting the blog, I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant (save your grumbles…it’s a real thing) and I needed to find a good way to manage my nutrition and workouts. That is how I found Tone It Up – a community of strong ladies all trying to eat well and live healthy. Years later, Tone It Up has become my focus and guideline for nutrition and workouts. Not to mention, how I have met so many new friends with the same healthy, focused mindset! You will hear of and from many of them along this journey.]


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