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Apple Cider Chia Overnight Oats

Sorry for my absence, lovelies. It has been a wild ride of a summer (er? are we already halfway through fall? whoops!). I have been immersed in the Tone It Up #FriskyFall challenge, work, house, and life in general. Amazing how fast the time has been flying. And the blog seems to take the biggest… Continue reading Apple Cider Chia Overnight Oats

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The Tone It Up Pumpkin Spice Parfait | Heaven In A Jar

Tone It Up is at it again. #FriskyFall is in full force (we are halfway through week 3) and there is no shortage of the #basic pumpkin spice recipes. [Apparently I am not immune to the pumpkin lovin’.] But the Pumpkin Spice Parfait takes the cake. Hell, it even kinda tastes like cake…or pie, if… Continue reading The Tone It Up Pumpkin Spice Parfait | Heaven In A Jar

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Healthier Pumpkin Nutella Mini Muffins | an adaptation

Oh, my my! The taste of fall is here…and it is in my mouth! So, this recipe popped up on one of my Twitter feeds the other day. I had never heard of Kayla Aimee’s blog and definitely had never heard of Pumpkin Nutella Muffins…but good lord almighty were they a great idea! And they are… Continue reading Healthier Pumpkin Nutella Mini Muffins | an adaptation

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Cherry Maple [&& Chia] Overnight Oats

Hi, my name is Kayleigh and I am addicted to overnight oats. [Hiii, Kaaaayleeeeigh…] Hope you guys aren’t sick of these yet, because I am apparently just going to keep throwing whatever fruit I have in the fridge into my food processor and then mixing them with oats. Last night, that fruit was cherry. All… Continue reading Cherry Maple [&& Chia] Overnight Oats

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Strawberry Banana (&& Cherry) Overnight Oats

MORE OATS! Last night when the husband and I were getting our things ready for today, something beautiful happened…he requested oats! My last step of the night before relaxing with a good book and the MLB All-Star game was to make another batch (and new flavor) of overnight oats [see yesterday’s post right below this… Continue reading Strawberry Banana (&& Cherry) Overnight Oats