Copycat Chick-fil-a Sauces [&& Baked Panko Chicken Tenders]

There are few things that I love more in life than Chick-fil-a and their sauces...but the closest Chick-fil-a to my house is all the way across town [and a million street lights away].  Not to mention, I eat no less than 1,200 cals every time I am there.  That is quite the detriment for my … Continue reading Copycat Chick-fil-a Sauces [&& Baked Panko Chicken Tenders]

Actually Sweating on the Elliptical

Tried this elliptical workout yesterday on an Precor EFX 885–I set the incline on 5 and followed the recommended resistance on the workout. The 35 minutes went by really quickly and was a fast calorie burn, so it is a good workout for anyone looking for a REAL sweat on the elliptical. I know I can be lazy on elliptical cardio days [read: when I don’t want to get on a treadmill], but I did this on a day that I split with abs.

w i s h b o n e


Quick disclaimer about my personal blurb before I share the awesome workout, these are just funny personal thoughts – I have no negative judgement to anyone who shows up at the gym – good for you for just being there – really it’s great.

I have observed two type of cardio junkies at the gym I go to.  Type one… the those crazy people who run like 12 miles a day, do marathons/triathlons, who are intensely fit cardiovascular wise and serious about bringing the sweat factor to their cardio sesh – they are addicted to the adrenaline high of an insane workout.  And then there’s the second type… consisting mainly of females, who tend to answer phone calls and gossip girlishly in loud high pitched voices WHILE on cardio machines and really just workout because they know they should – they are addicted to the idea that just being in…

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another healthy snack | chocolate peanut butter banana shake:. [sweet tooth]

I wasn't going to post this, since I just did a whole smoothie/shake post, but...oh, well!  Too many people wanted the recipe! Yesterday I have a really bad diet FAIL. Moe's Southwest Grill was kind enough to bring in a catering spread to my office, but I had NO self control.  None.  I made myself … Continue reading another healthy snack | chocolate peanut butter banana shake:. [sweet tooth]