Apple Cider Chia Overnight Oats

Sorry for my absence, lovelies. It has been a wild ride of a summer (er? are we already halfway through fall? whoops!). I have been immersed in the Tone It Up #FriskyFall challenge, work, house, and life in general. Amazing how fast the time has been flying. And the blog seems to take the biggest … Continue reading Apple Cider Chia Overnight Oats

Cherry Maple [&& Chia] Overnight Oats

Hi, my name is Kayleigh and I am addicted to overnight oats. [Hiii, Kaaaayleeeeigh...] Hope you guys aren't sick of these yet, because I am apparently just going to keep throwing whatever fruit I have in the fridge into my food processor and then mixing them with oats. Last night, that fruit was cherry. All … Continue reading Cherry Maple [&& Chia] Overnight Oats

another healthy snack | chocolate peanut butter banana shake:. [sweet tooth]

I wasn't going to post this, since I just did a whole smoothie/shake post, but...oh, well!  Too many people wanted the recipe! Yesterday I have a really bad diet FAIL. Moe's Southwest Grill was kind enough to bring in a catering spread to my office, but I had NO self control.  None.  I made myself … Continue reading another healthy snack | chocolate peanut butter banana shake:. [sweet tooth]