Gym Selfies Like Whoa!

Now, before you look at me like, "Giiiirl, you are at the gym to work out and not to take nasty pictures of yourself," hear me out. Yes, I am a gym selfie taker. Yes, I totally try and act inconspicuous when people walk into the group exercise room or locker room while I am … Continue reading Gym Selfies Like Whoa!

I think I have plateaued | frustrated:.

Le sigh.  I am relating to the plateau posts all too well these days. And it is downright frustrating. I stumbled upon a cute little blog that is right up my alley--weight loss, fitness, twenties, and wedding planning--and the first post I read by author Ms. Managed was titled "Plateau Hell."  Man, am I definitely … Continue reading I think I have plateaued | frustrated:.