Pumpkin Banana Protein Shake

Whew. The first day of this #FriskyFall¬†challenge has been a doozie so far. By the end of my midday workout, I had only netted 300 calories [and was feeling weak as a kitten]. I had taken in 900 calories between meals 1-3, but burned just under 600 with the Fat Blasting Stair Circuit & 2x … Continue reading Pumpkin Banana Protein Shake

Tone It Up | “fit, healthy and happy!”

[Alright kids, this is going to be a wordy post, but it is going to be worth it... ...trust me.¬†Okay? Okay.] To keep my story as short as possible, I will just start by saying that two summers ago I finally got fed up with never feeling 100% well. I had acid reflux/indigestion, bloating, stomach … Continue reading Tone It Up | “fit, healthy and happy!”